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Division of Forestry
Protect Your Home from Wildfire

There are many simple steps you can take to reduce the wildfire risk to your property.  Are You Firewise?

25 Kentucky Firewise Tips (pdf)
Firewise tips that homeowners can utilize to minimize the wildland fire risk to their properties.

Be Prepared for Wildfires (pdf)
You can give yourself and your family a better chance of escaping harm during a wildland fire by following as many of these precautions as possible.

Creating Defensible Space (pdf)
Defensible space is an area around a structure where forest fuels and vegetation are treated, cleared or reduced to slow the spread of wildland fire towards the structure.  By following these simple steps, you can help protect your home from being destroyed by wildland fire.

Firewise Checklist (pdf)
Use this checklist to determine if your home and property are Firewise.

Firewise Landscaping (pdf)
There are no fireproof plants, but some are more fire resistant than others.  Learn which plants can work for you.

Homeowner's Role in Firewise (pdf)
The number of homes being built in or near forested areas is increasing rapidly in Kentucky.  When a fire occurs around one of these homes, it often extends into the forestland, threatening other homes and forest resources.  Wildland fires often threaten and burn homes and structures built in wooded areas if the homeowner has not taken proper precautions.  This publication outlines what homeowners can do to protect their homes and properties.

Is Your Home Firewise Guide (pdf)
Areas where homes meet the wildlands are called the wildland/urban interface.  A home in a woodland setting is surrounded by flammable forest fuels.  You can minimize a fire threat to your home and family by following a few of the safety tips discussed in this publication.

Defensible space imageLandscaping Checklist (pdf)
To create a Firewise landscape, the primary goal is fuel reduction.  This checklist offers suggestions on how to establish a fire-resistant landscape.

Click on the simple assessment guide below to determine if your home is Firewise.

Kentucky Division of Forestry's Woodland Home Wildfire Hazard Assessment Guide (interactive template)
Kentucky Division of Forestry's Woodland Home Wildfire Hazard Assessment Guide (pdf)