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Division of Forestry
Protect Your Community From Wildfire

Protecting Your Community

To learn more about protecting your community use the Guide for Protecting Communities From Wildfire (pdf). The guide contains information about defensible space, Firewise landscaping, vehicular access, controlling open burning, community action planning and much more.

 Firewise Workshop at Cumberland Falls Poplar Springs Firewise Ceremony  Simpsonville Firewise Day 

Community Wildlfire Protection Plan
(interactive template)
Community Wildfire Protection Plan (pdf)
Community Wildfire Protection Plan Instructions
A Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) enables a community to plan in advance for the possibility of a community threatening wildfire.  The CWPP helps to empower communities to organize, plan, educate and take action on wildfire issues that impact community safety. To learn more about CWPPs, please click on the instruction link directly above.  To view a list of the most current CWPP's click Kentucky Communities with completed Wildfire Protection Plans.

How to Become a Firewise Community (interactive template)
How to Become a Firewise Community (pdf)
Firewise Communities Program is a unique opportunity available to Kentucky's fire-prone communities.  Its goal is to encourage and acknowledge action that minimizes home loss to wildfire by preparing for a fire before it occurs. It provides citizens with the knowledge necessary to prepare and maintain a Firewise neighborhood while coordinating with the Kentucky Division of Forestry for effective emergency response. The program draws on a community's spirit, its resolve, and its willingness to take responsibility for its ignition potential.  To learn more about the Firewise Communities Program, please click on either of the links above.

Woodland Community Wildfire Hazard Assessment (interactive template)
Woodland Community Wildfire Hazard Assessment (pdf)
This form can be used to evaluate your community and determine the level of wildland fire risk.  It roughly covers one-half of the hazards normally taken into account when calculating fire risks, but does provide an approximate indication of true risk. 

Financial Assistance is Available

Financial assistance is available for communities interested in minimizing wildland fire risks.  For technical assistance, contact the local Division of Forestry office, your fire department, the National Firewise Program Web site or the Society of American Foresters Web site.