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Division of Forestry
State Nurseries and Tree Seedlings

Division's Nurseries and Seedling Orders

Rhody's ash cropThe Kentucky Division of Forestry operates two seedling nurseries for the purpose of planting on public and privately-owned land. These nurseries are located at Gilbertsville in Marshall County near the Kentucky Dam and at Grassy Creek in Morgan County near the town of West Liberty. 

Our nurseries offer 51 different species of hardwoods and conifers for sale for planting on open crop or pasture land, developing a Christmas tree plantation, enhancing wildlife habitat, improving urban areas and reclaiming surface mining sites. 
The nurseries will be taking orders for the spring of 2017 beginning September 1.​ Click here for the 2017 seedling order form.  **Our stock is updated frequently. If your favorite seedling is out of stock now, please check back later in the season to see if it is available again.**

Approximately 2 million seedlings are grown each year beginning with planting seeds and maintaining seedling beds throughout the growing season.  After one to two years of growth, the tree seedlings are then lifted from the seedling beds during the dormant season and packaged into bundles for sale.  Seedlings are available to Kentucky landowners at a reasonable price and are shipped to individuals from January through April.


There are more than 1 million acres of land in Kentucky that could benefit from tree planting. These areas could not only be planted to produce future timber crops, but also be planted to improve wildlife habitat and protect the soil from erosion by wind or water. In urban areas, planting may be done to improve the environment by reducing the effects of heat, wind, dust and noise, providing privacy screens or just beautifying the urban landscape.

Driving Directions and Contact Information
For driving directions to the nurseries, click Morgan County Nursery or John P. Rhody Nursery.  For more information about the division's nurseries, contact Eric Gracey, Frankfort Office; Charlie Saunders, nursery superintendent, Morgan County Nursery; or Joanna Davidson, nursery superintendent, John P. Rhody Nursery