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Division of Forestry
Forestry Publications

The division's most far-reaching and recent publication is the Kentucky Statewide Assessment of Forest Resources and Strategy document.  The document outlines forest-related issues and prioritizes the development of a long-term resource strategy specific to Kentucky's forest needs.

Additional publications ranging in topic from forest management and wildfire prevention to timber harvesting and forest industry can be viewed in the list below.  Simply click on the word "subject" in front of each of the subject titles to review or download the publications listed.  Click on the word "subject" again to navigate back to the original list.


 Forestry Publications

expand Subject : Forest Health Information ‎(13)
expand Subject : Forest Industry and Resource Utilization Information ‎(1)
expand Subject : Kentucky Firewise Information ‎(18)
expand Subject : Kentucky Forest Conservation Act Information ‎(5)
expand Subject : Timberland Tax and Estate Planning ‎(2)
expand Subject : Urban and Community Forestry Information ‎(10)
expand Subject : Wildland Fire Management Information ‎(4)
expand Subject : Wildlife Management Information ‎(29)