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Boy Scouts plant seedlings on Robinson Mine in March

Division of Forestry
Kentucky's 20/20 Vision for Reforestation

Kentucky's geographic footprint comprises a land mass of approximately 25.6 million acres. Nearly half of that (12.5 million) is currently forested. Of the half that is nonforested, reports show that approximately 2 million acres has the potential to be reforested. 

Reforestation can have a positive impact on nonforested lands, providing numerous ecological benefits. By increasing an area's tree canopy coverage, improvements in environmental conditions can be quickly realized. Reforestation has been proven to enhance water quality, air quality, erosion control, climate change mitigation, wildlife habitat, and species protection.

Energy and Environment Cabinet Secretary Len Peters proposed a long-term reforestation project throughout the Commonwealth on lands that are deemed suitable and available for such activity. The project utilizes Kentucky's Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts to assist with the planting of bare root tree seedlings produced by the Kentucky Division of Forestry (KDF). The plantings will take place on both public and private lands. The goal for this project is to plant 20 million seedlings over the next 20 years, making it currently the most ambitious tree planting project of its kind in the nation. The project has been branded "Kentucky's 20/20 Vision for Reforestation...Planting 20 Million Seedlings in 20 Years."

Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts should email Tim Brown at the Division of Forestry for more information or call 502-564-4496. 

Other groups or organizations wishing to participate in the reforestation project should contact the Office of Communication and Public Outreach at 502-564-5525.  

** We've hit the 1 million mark. Seedlings planted and/or given away by KDF since Jan. 1, 2014



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