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Division of Forestry
Statewide Assessment of Forest Resources and Strategy

The Kentucky Statewide Assessment of Forest Resources and Strategy document identifies key forest-related issues and priorities to support development of a long-term resource strategy specific to Kentucky's forest needs.

A link to each of the different sections of the Kentucky Statewide Assessment of Forest Resources and Strategy document can be found below.

Introduction and Table of Contents

Section 1 - Statewide Assessment
Identifies landscape areas where national, regional and state resource issues and priorities converge. It incorporates the best data available, stakeholder input and other state plans and reports. The assessment is a valuable document for communicating forest-related issues, threats and opportunities in Kentucky.  Top five issues derived from public comments:

•  Issue 1 - Forest Health
•  Issue 2 - Water Quality and Quantity
•  Issue 3 - Forest Loss and Fragmentation
•  Issue 4 - Forest Management
•  Issue 5 - Funding

Section 2 - Forest Priority Areas
Identifies the most important regions for particular forest issues and the strategies that address these and focuses implementation efforts towards areas where the need is the greatest. 

Section 3 - Forest Resource Strategy
Includes long-term strategies to address threats to forest resources in Kentucky. It contains the prioritized strategies and action steps that the Division of Forestry, partners, land managers and conservationists can implement to maintain or improve the biological diversity in Kentucky’s forests.


Forest Legacy Program Supporting Documentation

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Preliminary Issue Development

An online survey was conducted to determine the forest issues that are most relevant to Kentucky citizens. Your concerns and suggestions have laid the groundwork in determining the important forestry issues in Kentucky.  The top five issues identified by participants included:

1. Forest Health
2. Water Quality and Quantity
3. Forest Loss and Fragmentation
4. Forest Management
5. Funding

Other issues of importance included:

  • Public Awareness
  • Urban and Community Forestry
  • Unlawful Activity (i.e. timber theft and trespass)
  • Wildland Fire
  • Forest Economy
  • Mountain Top Removal
  • Public Access
  • Prescribed Fires
  • Corollary Issues (i.e. renewable energy, carbon sequestration, ecosystem services, etc.)

All the issues identified were incorporated into the Kentucky Statewide Assessment of Forest Resources and Strategy document.  If you would like to review the complete survey results, click on the link below.

Forestland Assessment Online Survey Results