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Division of Forestry
Rolleigh Peterson Educational Forest

Rolleigh Peterson Educational ForestThe Rolleigh Peterson Educational Forest consists of 98 acres located in eastern Jefferson County.  Louisville Metro Parks and the Kentucky Division of Forestry purchased the property as part of the City of Parks initiative.  The property is recognized as the largest-known black walnut plantation east of the Mississippi River. 

The property was purchased using $700,000 from the Kentucky Heritage Land Conservation Fund and $292,390 donated to the Louisville Metro Parks Foundation from a private donor.  The City of Parks initiative calls for acquisition of new park land, significant improvements to Louisville's existing parks, development of a 100-mile paved Louisville Loop trail and new environmental education programs.  This acquisition permanently protects three-quarters of a mile of Floyds Fork, which curves around the northern and eastern edges of the property, just north of Taylorsville Road.

The property is managed for riparian and green space protection, research and educational purposes.  Public access is limited toKentucky Heritage Land Conservation fund image periodic guided tours.  Fishing, hunting and all off-road vehicles, including ATVs are prohibited. 

The division's management goals are to maintain the 50-acre black walnut plantation and to establish a multiple species seed-rearing site for use by the division's tree nurseries. 

 Rolleigh Peterson Educational Forest  Rolleigh Peterson Educational Forest

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