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Energy and Environment Cabinet

Division of Forestry
Educational Materials and Resources

The division offers environmental education materials and forestry information to formal and non-formal educators to supplement classroom instruction and nature programs.  These materials range from traditional handouts such as activity sheets and brochures to videos and CD-ROM programs.  Many of these materials have been revised to meet the Kentucky Department of Education Program of Studies requirements. 

*NOTICE:  The division is currently unable to restock Smokey Bear educational materials.  Requests for these materials will be placed on a waiting list.  Supplies will be delivered to those on the waiting list once they are made available.  We apologize for any inconvenience. 

Teachers kits are also available and can be ordered by completing a Lessons in Forestry application or by contacting Jennifer Turner, forestry education specialist.  These kits are available to Kentucky educators and include many of the materials listed above as well as Smokey Bear booklets, coloring sheets, puzzles, tree ID book, tree ID keys, tree cookies, Kentucky Forest Forever CD-ROM (for grades four through seven), career materials, and other age appropriate publications and videos.  Please indicate the grade level needed when requesting these materials. 

Our forestry education materials promote the following principals of sustainable forestry:

  • Practicing land stewardship ethics by ensuring that the needs of the present are met without compromising the ability of future generations.
  • Managing, growing, nurturing and harvesting trees for useful products, for the conservation of soil, air and water quality, for wildlife and fish habitat, and for aesthetics.
  • Promoting economically and environmentally responsible forestry practices.    
  • Protecting forests from wildfire, pests, diseases, invasive plants and other damaging agents in order to maintain long-term forest health and productivity.

KDFs Classroom Series - Educational Guides:
Forestry in the Classroom Series - Common Trees of Kentucky Study Guide
Forestry in the Classroom Series - Kentucky's Forest Ecosystems Study Guide

KDFs Classroom Series - Power Points:
Forestry in the Classroom Series - All About Forestry: A General Program
Forestry in the Classroom Series - Common Trees of Kentucky
Forestry in the Classroom Series - Kentucky's Forest Ecosystems

Forestry Education Links: An instructor teaches students about lessons in forestry
Educational in Nature from Georgia Pacific
Environmental Education in Kentucky EE Link
Kentucky Association for Environmental Education
Kentucky Environmental Education Council
KET's Electronic Field Trip to the Forest
Smokey Bear - Wildfire Prevention Education

Nature Centers and Local Opportunities:
Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest
Jefferson Memorial Forest - Jefferson County
Life Adventure Center - Woodford County
McConnell Springs Nature Center - Fayette County
Raven Run Nature Center - Fayette County
Salato Wildlife Education Center - Franklin County

Other Resources:
Additional publications and resources are available on the Forestry Publications page under Forest Education and Career Information.  

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